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European Patent №: EP1991742

US Patent Application №: US 12/280,613

Thank you for visiting us. While you are here make sure to view the                      page, where we demonstrate the various applications for the 'G' Clip and the recommended installation method. As one of our valued customers feel free to give us your feedback or any suggestions on how we might improve our products or service. If you need any technical advice you can contact                        l             via email or mobile phone. Thank you for your help in making the 'G' Clip the successful product that it is.
Invented and developed by Glenn Davey, a kitchen & granite fitter based in Yorkshire, England, Glenn used to build a cradle inside the sink base unit to support the sink bowl, but began to think there must be a better method to secure the bowl to the under side of the granite. In one of those “eureka” moments the 'G' Clip was invented. Specifically designed to secure under-mounted sinks, the range of 'G' Clip products has been expanded and now addresses a wider range of issues for the granite installer. Within the granite and quartz work surface industry the 'G' Clip has changed the way under-mounted sinks, work top legs, floating work tops and breakfast bars are installed and secured world wide.
Welcome to the new 'G' Clip website where we will show you how to use the 'G' Clip. If you work with granite as either a fabricator or an installer, the 'G' Clip will quickly become your new best friend. It will both save you time and solve installation issues you come across every day, on every job. The patented 'G' Clip is an innovative and secure fastening method that provides a quick, simple and effective solution in situations where traditional fixings have tried and ultimately failed.
Why Use The 'G' Clip?
The 'G' Clip products are now available in handy packs. Each pack has a different application. If you buy in bulk, you can securely install an under-mounted single bowl stainless steel sink for less than £8.
The 'G' Clip will help you reduce expensive remedial work. Do the job right first time, every time and increase your customer satisfaction levels.
No specialist tooling is required, you can use the tools you will no doubt have already.
The 'G' Clip is easy to install, take a look at our instructional videos for installation guidance and tips relating to all of our products.
Using the 'G' Clip increases productivity. An under-mount sink can be installed professionally in under 15 minutes.
Tell your customers about the 'G' Clip. Give them the link to the videos on our website. Use it as part of your marketing strategy. The feedback from our customers who do this is excellent. Once customers are aware of the 'G' Clip they insist on it.

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