Franke of Switzerland is the world's leading sink manufacturer and renowned for a commitment to quality and an unmistakable flair for design, using the finest materials and state-of-the-art production technology. Franke has become the world's largest composite sink manufacturer by adopting the same policies of investment in innovation and technology which established their position as the world's largest stainless steel sink manufacturer. Franke have supplied close to 1,000,000 ‘G’ Clips with their under-mount sinks.

"We here at Braxton-Bragg are excited to be appointed sole distributor of 'G' Clip products in North America. We are looking forward to working with Glenn and delivering a high level of service to our customers this side of the pond. We also look forward to demonstrating the 'G' Clip at the upcoming Stone Expo in Las Vegas." Steve Bussell, Marketing Director.

"We know there are various different methods and devices on the market to secure under-mounted sinks. We supply the 'G' Clip as an option with our under-mounts. It says a lot that our trade customers who use the 'G' Clip wont use any other form of installation. The 'G' Clip is superior to, easier to use and more secure than any other installation method we have come across" Gareth Williams, MD, 1810 Sinks.

"As a fabricator I work with Granite every day. I began using the 'G' Clip about 3 years ago. I use the 'G' Clip wherever possible. It offers me a quick and secure fixing solution in many different situations. Just to give you a specific example, to install a single bowl stainless steel under-mount sink, it costs me less than £8 for the 'G' Clip & Hockey Stick. It takes 10 minutes to cut the slots in the factory. When my installer arrives on site, he can then install the bowl in under 5 minutes. My customers never have to worry about their sinks dropping out. In my book that's a bargain. Having used the 'G' Clip for a number of years now I can't imagine going back to not using it." Mark Kelly, Wakefield Granite.

After Paul's sink fell out he contacted us. Let Paul tell his story “I came down to breakfast one morning shocked to find my under-mounted sink in the bottom of the cabinet. The attitude of the company who fitted my granite tops was also a bit of a shock. They said I was outside the 12 month guarantee which they offer. True my sink was fitted nearly 2 years ago but I reasonably expected a much longer service life. After a lot of emails they did offer to stick the sink bowl in again, and leave a prop in the sink base unit overnight until the silicone cured. They offered to do the work free of charge, but this time there would be no guarantee. I didn’t want to be in the same position in 2 years time, so I did some research on the Internet. I found the 'G' Clip website and contacted them. It came as a pleasant surprise to find out that 'G' Clip was a local company less than a mile from my house. Glenn personally came to my house, cleaned up the sink and installed it properly in less than an hour.  I don't know much about granite other than the fact that it is durable, attractive and very expensive of course, but the sink falling out was a big disappointment. Glenn told me that for £12 he could have supplied enough ‘G’ Clips to hold my sink in properly. Having spent in excess of £2,000 on granite and £300 on a quality sink, £12 to have them fitted correctly is a no brainer.”

“Under-mounted sinks falling out must be a problem, as I recently saw an episode of ‘Celebrity - Come Dine With Me’ when Peter Stringfellow's sink dropped out live on camera. If it hadn't happened to me I would have probably laughed. Now, thanks to Glenn and the 'G' Clip I know my sink will stay in place as long as I keep the kitchen. When Glenn contacted me to for a reference, I was more than happy to oblige.”

"When a customer first makes an enquiry for granite work surfaces, we guide them through the process. We look at the door style, door finish, flooring etc. Having decided which particular granite meets their requirements aesthetically, we turn our attention to the reasons they should choose us to fabricate & install their worktops. We always tell our customers about the 'G' Clip and advise them that the 'G' Clip is the best way to install an under mounted sink. We point them towards the 'G' Clip videos. Once customers are aware of the G Clip, they insist on it. The 'G' Clip definitely gives our business a competitive edge." Martin Concannon, Cheshire Marble.


Please feel free to visit our sister website where we are developing a mechanical tiling system based around the 'G' Clip. We are very excited about the possibilities for this new application for the 'G' Clip. We have carried out extensive field testing and while the 'G' Clip Tiling System is not quite ready for market, we hope it will be in the near future. Here you will be able to see a selection of works completed, covering a variety of materials and thicknesses, including 12mm Porcelain, 20mm Marble and 20mm Indian Stone.


Also feel free to visit our other sister website, where you will find high quality bespoke kitchens (only available to you if you live in Yorkshire). Most of our customers choose granite work surfaces even though we offer all the man-made variants & solid wood. Customers are drawn to the natural beauty & variation (not to mention the durability and low maintenance) that you only get with natural stone.  You won’t be shocked to find out that we use the 'G' Clip range of products on every installation!

Feel free to look around, click on any of the company logos to visit them.

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